Ask Maverick

We are planning to launch an ask anything section to this blog. You can ask any questions regarding PPC Marketing, Facebook Marketing and also Discuss Strategies.
Why this section will be important?
We will try to help as many of you as possible. As of now we are starting up, so it would be possible for us to help each and everyone of you.
We request you to stick to the topics related to this blog and not divulge off topic. It’s important everyone here receives the necessary support and help from us.
For Now we will try creating a better user experience with this trial question answer platform. You can post questions there to get answers.
We will also write some of your questions as posts which can become a bigger part of the support ecosystem.
Sit back and relax, while we get AskMavericks feature live on this blog.

The First Month Plan

PPCMaverick was started to focus on building guides and also giving a very straight review about new developments in the PPC Marketing. This month (I know already 16 days are over, but lets just start with the remaining 14days) the plan is as follows –

1. Ultimate Guide To Keyword Research
2. Ultimate Guide To Negative Keywords
3. Ultimate Guide To Adwords Editor
4. Case Study on A SaaS Company Account
5. Case Study on Performance after Restructuring An Adwords Account

Right now we would be working on baby steps to plan only 5 posts. We will add more as we can start thinking of more and more posts.

We are planning to write more than 5000+ words for every post. So, sit tight and enjoy the journey which is soon going to begin!


We selected the hairpin turn image for this post, because right now while writing the content, this is how our heads are spinning. Think about driving on this route through top speed and you will feel the same, that we feel now. Because of this, we thought this image is apt for this post on plan for this blog.


Welcome! Greetings From Us!

Howdy! The Journey Begins!

We have been sitting with this domain since the start of Jan-16. We had thought to someday start writing on PPC Marketing. We are experienced bunch of Paid search professionals with no mood to give it up yet. Our experiences span for about a decade.

We know there are already quite a lot of blogs on PPC Marketing. Now the question is – Why another blog on PPC Marketing? Well -our plan is not to make this blog just another ppc marketing blog. But we are going to dive deeper into building Ultimate Guides, Case Studies & we are going to give you our own unbiased views on all latest updates in the Search Engine Marketing World.

This blog is not about only giving the same information that everyone can give. We are going to go beyond the normal ppc blog, dig more details on how the account structures should be for certain industries. We will try to cover as many industries as possible.

We also intend to start a new section of ASKtheMaverick where you can post your questions and we will try answering all the questions to you at the earliest.
Sit tight alongwith us as we start our journey. We are going to make sure we can help you learn and grow into this journey of PPC Marketing.

For the time we start, we also give you an opportunity on anything you would want to know about in the PPC Marketing world, you can email us on, so that we can write posts for those topics as well.
Well do keep in mind – All posts cannot be written in the same month, and all cannot be answered as well.
Till then sit tight and enjoy as the Journey Begins!